A Piece of Coloured Ribbon

A Piece of Coloured Ribbon


An Insight into German Award Winners at the Battle of Arnhem.

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The Battle of Arnhem is often acknowledged as being Germany’s last major victory during World War II.

As a result of this battle, it is estimated that over 1,800 soldiers were individually recognised with the award of the Iron Cross (first and second class). A further eighteen soldiers and officers were bestowed with Germany’s top awards: the Knight’s Cross, German Cross in Gold and the Honour Roll Clasp.

A Piece of Coloured Ribbon is a noteworthy publication which offers readers an overview of some of the German award winners at the Battle of Arnhem.

This booklet not only examines the awards and the individuals who won them but also covers some of the German units that contributed to the success at Arnhem.

Extensive research of archives in the United States of America, The Netherlands and Germany, combined with information from veterans and their families (including never before published photos) brings an unique and interesting focus to this German war victory during September 1944


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